Suzuki Jimny 'Basic' Breather Kit - Diff / Axle Breathers

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Suzuki Jimny 'Basic' Breather Kit - Diff / Axle Breathers

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Product Information

Suzuki Jimny 'Basic' Breather Kit - Diff / Axle Breathers

A  'Basic' kit to extend your axle / diff breathers to the highest point possible.

A full kit is also available that also does the gearbox and transfer box, or add-ons are available to add theseseparately if required.

Kit Includes -

  • 7m of pf flexible nylon hose (8mm OD / 6m ID)
  • 1x T-Piece
  • 2x Threaded Elbows (to fit into the original breathers)
  • 1x Tap to match the elbows
  • 15x Tie-Wraps

Fitting Instructions -

The 'Basic' Breather Kit is the easiest to fit, the various components are simply "daisy-chained" together, i.e. connected in series...

The awkwardest bit is...

... tapping both the original breather tubes once the caps have been removed. (They simply pull off with some force and locking "mole-grip" pliers...

Take your time and slowly twist the tap into the existing breather tube keeping the tap straight, preferably using a good tap handle...

Then the threaded elbow can also be carefully threaded into the newly cut threads in the axle breather tube.

Starting with the back axle, insert the nylon tube into the threaded elbow, it's a push-fit connector so it just grabs the tube as you push it in yes

Then attach the tube to the axle tube (to the brake pipes), then up the offside radius arm, and along the chassis rail using the brake pipes again...
Don't overtighten the tie-wraps, you don't want to squash the nylon tube.

Then when you reach the front of the chassis where it starts to rise over the front axle, you need to cut the nylon tube and fit the T-piece into the run of tube...
Another length of tube is then used to similarly go down the front radius arm and over to the front axle breather threaded elbow, whilst the straight run through the T-piece needs to go off to the highest point possible on the vehicle, ideally...

... into the snorkel head if fitted, this is my installation on the buggy... These filters are listed in the breather section of the store if required, oe...

You can go straight into the top of the head like this...

And have the tube protuding into the head of the snorkel like this...

If you don't have a snorkel fitted, the filters are also available in the breather section of this store with a neat little bracket to terminate the run of tube...

Also available -

  • An Add-On Kit to link to the gearbox breather or the carbon cannister
  • An Add-On Kiit to link to the transfer box breather
  • Filter Tube Terminator
  • Filter Tube Terminator on a bracket
  • Full Breather Kit
Product CodeJIM-BRB-42B

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